Camp Schedule
The schedule for camp varies from year to year. During orientation, the schedule will be previewed in great detail. However, please note that it is still subject to change. Due to the nature of work that the various presenting groups are involved in, we must remain flexible as their priorities may change.

Parents/guardians are more than welcome to attend any event(s) on the schedule that they wish to witness. Please keep in mind that communication between visitors and cadets is not permitted.

Please note that the schedule times are listed in 24-hour "military" time rather than the 12-hour AM/PM format. For hours greater than 12, simply subtract 12 to determine the PM hour.

Example: 16:30 translates to 4:30 PM.

Schedule is subject to change without notice and schedule details listed here may not reflect latest schedule revision!
No schedule data has been added for the next/current camp session.