Common Questions
Below is a list of commonly asked questions that we get from parents/guardians and cadets. We've done our best to provide a comprehensive list of answers. However, if you require further clarification or have any additional questions, please feel free to Contact Us.
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Application/Enrollment Process
Can I submit an application online?
How do I enroll my child for the next Camp Cadet session?
How/when are applicants notified about their acceptance or denial to enroll in the program?
What are the eligibility requirements for applying to Camp Cadet?
Choosing Camp Cadet
How many kids attend camp?
I understand that Camp Cadet is primarily for kids with an interest in law enforcement or military careers. But my child doesn't know if they have an interest in these career fields. Is Camp Cadet still an appropriate choice for my child?
If I am selected for Camp can I bring video games, magazines, or other recreational items with me to use in my spare time?
My child can be somewhat defiant and has some disciplinary problems. Would Camp Cadet be a good program to straighten out their behavior?
When and where is camp held?
Who monitors/supervises the kids during camp?
Costs and Financial Information
What does it cost the Camp Cadet Association to host a child for a week of camp?
What is the cost to send my child to Camp Cadet?
How many people am I allowed to bring to the graduation ceremony?
What happens at the graduation ceremony and how long is it?
Are boys and girls housed together in the dorms?
Do cadets come home each night of camp?
Do cadets share rooms?
Medical Concerns
My child has food allergies. Will there be alternative food options available?
My child has medication requirements or other special needs. Can they still participate and is there a process in place to ensure that he/she receives the required medication?
How do I get ahold of camp counselors during the week of camp?
May I visit or communicate with my child during camp?
Will the cadets be exposed to firearms?
Will the cadets be exposed to profanity?
Website Issues/Questions
The Camp Cadet website does not look correct for me. Some items are not displayed properly, not displayed at all, or are out of place.
When I view the website, the slideshow (rotating images) on the home page doesn't cycle through all of the images.