Camp Rules
The rules listed on this page must be followed at all times while at camp. Failure to follow the rules of camp may result in any of the following:
  • Extra physical training
  • Dismissal from the camp
  • Criminal prosecution
It is recommended that cadets begin some type of physical training program prior to attending camp (running, push-ups, sit-ups, etc.). Please see our Camp Preparation page for more info.

Cadets will be required to complete a 2-mile run (no walking) AND recite the Call of Honor to a trooper in order to graduate.
The 2-mile run takes place on the final morning of camp. We build up to that throughout the week by taking progressively longer runs each morning.

Camp Rules will be covered in detail during your orientation session. Those rules may differ slightly from this list and they take precedence if there's a discrepancy from what is listed here.
  • Abuse of camp property is cause for dismissal. All damages (other than from normal use or wear) shall be paid in full by the person(s) responsible.
  • Any cadet receiving an injury must immediately report the injury to a counselor.
  • Any problem of a serious nature must be reported to a camp counselor.
  • Cadets will address counselors/visitors as "Sir" or "Ma'am", or appropriate rank - "Trooper", "Corporal", etc.
  • Cadets will shower daily.
  • Counselors may inspect the rooms at any time.
  • Each cadet is responsible for cleaning the immediate area in/around their room.
  • No derogatory remarks will be made toward other cadets/counselors/visitors or other persons on the grounds.
  • Theft of property will result in criminal prosecution.
  • Until directed, cadets shall not approach presentations/items such as K-9's, emergency vehicles, etc.
  • Until directed, cadets shall not touch/handle any camp equipment or visitor's property.